Dear neighbors, 

I’m committed to ensuring that all MVLA students feel connected, embrace challenges, and thrive. I’m driven by my experience as a disabled, mixed-race immigrant and as a mother of two children: a top-achieving student and a Special Education student who has managed to do well. I have first-hand knowledge of how the educational experience must adapt to students’ social, emotional, and academic needs to enable them all to succeed. 

During 20 years as a Mountain View resident, I’ve been dedicated to serving my community including: 

I will work on: 

I want to be accessible to you and help improve communication between MVLA, parents, and the community. If you have any ideas, recommendations, or feedback, please email me at I’m also happy to set up a time to talk.

At an early age, I understood I was different and I had to find community with people who celebrate diversity. I was born with non-progressive dystonia, a type of movement disorder at a time when the diagnosis for my disability didn’t exist. Thida comes from my Burmese mother and Cornes comes from my English father. They married at a time when mixed-race marriages were not common. We emigrated to Davis, California and I attended public high school where I found my tribe. Over the years, I’ve made friends with people from many different backgrounds.

If you like my campaign, please share this website with a friend.

I need your help. Any donation, walking a precinct (you don’t need to knock on doors), or even displaying a lawn sign would go a long way.

Thank you,